Tips for a happy and healthy summer!

Girl Scout Camp
As the camp season begins, you’ll find yourself participating in all sorts of outdoor activities, ranging from archery to horseback riding to swimming in the lake. To keep camp as fun and enjoyable as possible, our camp counselors have provided a list of safety tips. Before heading off to camp, look over this list to give yourself a fun and safe camping experience!

Camp Safety Tips:

  • Eat breakfast. Avoid headaches by making sure you eat something at the start of the day. Remember you’re moving around and burning calories so a high protein breakfast will help keep you energized.
  • Bring a reusable water bottle. Make sure to fill the bottle throughout the day. You should be drinking water often, especially if you’re participating in rigorous activities.
  • Pack a well-balanced, healthy lunch. Add lots of healthy snacks, like fruits and veggies, so you can avoid getting too hungry between meals. These snacks are great sources of nutrients too!
  • Get plenty of sleep. Be sure to get to bed early so you have the energy to participate in camp activities the next day. Feeling drowsy can also be dangerous when you’re doing an activity.
  • Apply and pack sunscreen. As we all know, sunburns are no fun. Remember to put some on in the morning and bring it with you so you can reapply throughout the camp day.
    Bring non-aerosol bug spray. This is a must. Bugs love camp grounds just as much as we do so keep them away by packing some bug spray.
  • Dress in layers. Sometimes it can be 10 degrees cooler in the woods or the mornings may start out cool but then warm up. Wearing layers that you can take on and off will help you feel comfortable at any temperature.
  • Grab a raincoat. Camp activities are planned in all kinds of weather (with safety always in mind, of course!)
  • Wear sturdy shoes. You’ll need these for hiking and playing in the woods. Socks are also a
    good idea to keep your ankles safe from poison ivy.
  • Check for ticks. To make it easier for you to spot these pesky guys, wear light colored or bright clothes. Also, after each camp day in the woods, always check for ticks one last time when you get home.
  • Never wander off by yourself; always tell an adult where you will be and take a buddy with you.

If you haven’t signed up for camp yet there is still time. And don’t forget about family camp!

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