Save the Trees!


Save the Trees – Spot their Enemies
August is Massachusetts Tree Check Month. Be on the lookout for invasive pests in your parks, schools and urban forests. And don’t forget your backyard!

The Asian Longhorned Beetle may be small but it can do a lot of damage to our trees. More than 30,000 trees have been removed because of this invasive pest. Recently, another tree-destroying beetle, the Emerald Ash Borer, was found and now threatens millions of Ash trees. So do your part for your community this month and check your trees for signs of damage…and before you know it, you will be a beetle expert!

Girl Scouts can participate in Tree Check Month by completing the Be a Beetle Detective patch program. Girls will learn how to identify harmful beetles, find out what to look for, the proper way to report findings and ways to share information so the community is aware of this problem.


In addition to earning a Be a Beetle Detective patch, girls who participate in August will receive other fun Beetle-themes prizes, while supplies last, provided by the Massachusetts Department of Agriculture. For more information about the Girl Scout patch program, please contact Lu-Ann Souza at

For more detailed information, visit or contact Stacy Kilb, ALB Outreach Coordinator at (617)780-1371.




  1. Can girls from other councils earn this patch?


  2. Hi Suz, yes we are more than happy to share. If you are interested in learning more contact lu-Ann Souza,


  3. Thank you, Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts!


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