Traveling to The big City and the Microsoft Store


On Monday, the Outside and Online campers, Camp Counselor Pepper and the CITs took off in the van to go to Boston.  A Blog post from a happy camper.



Once we entered the Microsoft store, a woman led us to the classroom separated from the rest of the store with a clear wall. Allison Knight welcomed us, and we found out that she used to work for Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. She was really pumped that we came to learn.

We then worked with Jason. He sent us on a photo scavenger hunt. We each had a long list of items to photograph in the store. Jason taught us all about the five rules of photography: the rule of thirds, lines, perspective, angle and framing. After learning those key facts, we were sent around the mall to demonstrate each rule.
The Rule of Thirds.


After this exercise, it was dinner time. We had pizza from Regina Pizzeria. In my opinion, the Best Pizza Ever. It was so yummy! After dinner, another Microsoft employee named Darell taught us how to create and use a WordPress blog.
Not actual pizza eaten by campers.
To end our fun day at Microsoft, Darell set up the Kinect and we all played Dance Central on the store’s big screen TV. Half the store was watching us as we danced to songs by Lady Gaga, Cascada and the Village People. We left to go back to camp at about 9 PM and made it back to camp around 11 PM after having a wonderful day at Microsoft.

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