Introducing.. Feature Friday!

Our very first feature Friday. A message from the Marketing Intern Michelle Dong.

Today as I walked onto the fourth floor Girl Scout office, I felt the same mix of emotions I normally do: excited, eager and a little nervous. Except on this rainy Friday, I also brought in with me a tinge of sadness. This would be my last time riding the elevator at 8:30 on a weekday morning.

I had already gotten used to my “city internship” routine. I took the subway in the morning, got off at Arlington Street and walked a couple of blocks until I arrived at the quaint yellowish-orange office building. The elevator brought me up to the Girl Scout office and my own corner office.

 The first time I sat down all I could think was “Wow, this desk is definitely bigger than my classroom desks at college.” I became a real working woman. I helped Allison in the Marketing department draft press releases and media advisories. I even got to create my own signature on the bottom of my work email (this was extremely exciting for me)!

But I wasn’t always in the office. As an intern, I also went on out-of-the-office adventures such as modeling at Cedar Hill and camping while doing a photo shoot at Camp Wabasso. It was inspiring to see all the girls trying new activities and just being themselves.

The T-shirt Michelle designed this summer.

Although I was not a Girl Scout growing up, this internship has made me feel like part of the family. I’m happy knowing I will be taking many valuable lessons and memories away with me as I head back to school in the fall.

Thank you to everyone at GSEM for making my summer special!


 If you would like to be a Feature Friday, send what exciting activities you are doing with photos or a video to the Marketing Team.


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