Feature Friday: Plymouth Brownie Troop 75079


Celia, Brooke, Alessandra and Melissa,

Our Feature Friday this week is Plymouth Brownie Troop 75079. These young ladies were featured in their home town paper for lobbying to install a town pool and a gift shop that would sell mustache sunglasses.

“If we got a town pool people would be able to get more exercise and we would be able to make new friends,” explained Brooke Reardon in one of the letters. “There’s not enough stuff for kids to do in Plymouth and when kids get bored they will get in trouble,” said Reardon.

Town Manager Melissa Arrighi was impressed with the girls and their commitment to standing up for what they believe in. She hadn’t seen such a strong lobbying effort since the town first announced plans to go to curbside trash pickup.

Letters from the troop to the Town Manager

According to the Old Colony Memorial, the town plans to build a YMCA with a pool and plan on breaking ground this fall.
Congratulations to these young ladies for their efforts and new pool. There is no word on the mustache sunglasses gift shop yet.

Alessandra’s letter with illustrations.

Read the Old Colony Memorial article for the complete story.

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  1. Loving the new blog! Congrats to these Brownies. Not digging the mustaches, though.


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