Pizza, wings and Girl Scout cookies, oh my!


Pizza, wings and Girl Scout cookies, oh my! The Super Bowl is just around the corner and Girl Scout cookies are the perfect addition to the usual Super bowl snacks. Take advantage of the big game and show your home team pride (we know they didn’t make it this year), wear football jerseys or cheerleader uniforms and make signs to cheer on the teams. Add a little extra excitement to your booth sale by making up your own Girl Scout cookies cheers!


Here are a couple cheers to get you started:
We are girl scouts
We are girl scouts, yes we are!
We sell cookies near and far!
The perfect snack for any day,
Come buy a package, they’re not here to stay!
We’ve got the cookies!
You’ve got the big screen!
Add a little football, and its heav-en-ly.
Be sure to send us photos and videos of your “team” selling cookies in your football gear.

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