Destination: April Vacation Journey

Girls attending this week’s April Vacation Journey at Camps Wind-in-the-Pines, Maude Eaton, and Cedar Hill got a taste–some literally–of the summer camp experience.
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Daily sessions, not only gave girls a glimpse of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts properties, but also allowed them to sample summer programs and earn a fun patch for each day attended.


During yesterday’s session at Camp Wind-in-the-Pines leadership, teamwork, and creative and critical thinking took center-stage for each of the K-8 activities.
K-3 girls created their own scavenger hunts and matching games, tackled several team challenges, and participated in role-play activities that encouraged asking questions and clear communication.

In addition to hiking, cooking some healthy snacks, and creating animal crafts, older girls enjoyed some seriously cool science demonstrations: they created rockets using tea bags and antacid tablets to learn about convection currents and thrust.

After a week-long preview of the fun-filled programs and activities that camp staff are cooking up, it’s no surprise that these Girl Scouts can’t wait to start their summer adventure.

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