Campfire Cooking



Girl Scouts cook cal-zones, banana boats and other unconventional treats. Your campfire food experience doesn’t have to be limited — make cooking an activity, not a chore, on the next camp out! There are even ways to make clean up a breeze by not using dishes for preparation. First you will need some coals to cook over – a traditional teepee-style campfire will burn down quickly to make them. As always, be sure to follow all fire safety and food preparations guidelines and Girl Scout activity checkpoints.

Bacon and Eggs Breakfast in a Bag
1 Brown Paper Bag
3-4 Thick slices of bacon
1-2 Eggs
1 stick
Take a brown paper bag, open it up and line the bottom with bacon – going slightly up each side to create a “bacon boat.” Crack the egg(s) on top of the bacon. Fold down the top of the bag and poke the stick through. Using the stick, hold the bag over hot coals until the bacon and eggs are cooked. Be careful not to put the bag over open flames – just use the heat from the coals. Then it’s time to enjoy…clean up is easy, just burn the bag when you’re finished.

Bread on a Stick

2 cups flour
1/2 Tbsp salt
1 Tbsp baking powder
1 Tbsp sugar
2 Tbsp dry milk
2 Tbsp flax seed
Mix all of the dry ingredients at home in a plastic bag, and wrap it up tight to go.

When you’re ready to cook, follow “leave-no-trace” principles. Never cut branches off of live trees, instead look for a downed branch that is still fresh, and shave off the bark to get a nice clean area about 2-3 fingers thick. Add about a cup of water to the dough and mix well until it’s about Play-Doh consistency – include additional small amounts of water as needed. Then, roll the dough into a snake shape and wrap it around the stick in a twisting pattern about half an inch thick. Find a hot spot over the coals and roast the bread like a marshmallow, rotating it so that the dough doesn’t sag and fall off. Cook the bread for about 10-minutes and it should be ready to eat!

These are just two ideas that could be fun to try out on your next outing. There are many other recipes out there – does your troop have any neat campfire cooking ideas? Share them with us on Twitter or Facebook!

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