Bronze Butterflies


The girls in Girl Scout Troop 80300 were on a mission to save the endangered Cape Cod Monarch Butterfly, fueled by their determination to earn the Girl Scout Bronze Award. The Girl Scout Bronze Award is a leadership adventure and the highest honor a Girl Scout Junior can achieve. Girls in a troop work together to plan and complete a project, developing more confidence, meeting new people, and feeling a sense of accomplishment in working with other Girl Scouts to make a difference.

The girls started by contacting the Cape Cod Monarch Project to learn more about the butterflies and how they could help them thrive. They learned that the Dennis Conservation Trust had planted milkweed at one of its conservation areas to attract butterflies. They decided to expand on this project with a garden to attract adult butterflies and to encourage them to lay their eggs on the milkweed. They began in the middle of the cold and snowy winter, seeding the milkweeds to create a home for the Monarchs. They knew exactly how to prepare the soil and composting thanks to Mike Almonte, Dennis Conservation’s Master Gardener. 

Once it became spring, the girls were at the garden every Monday, working to clear and prepare the soil for planting on June 1. On June 7, the garden was showcased at a dedication ceremony for Lawrence Barros, a 32-year-old husband and father who had passed away in a tragic car accident. Following the dedication, there was a celebration of the completed garden and Lawrence’s life at one of the recreational areas. The girls wanted to document their Bronze Award Journey, so they filmed and edited their own story
We are so proud of these girls and their dedication to improving their community. Let us know what your troop is up to by e-mailing us at! 

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