Today is National S’mores Day

Whether you plan to invite your friends over or you are hosting a party for one, we have the most creative and tasty ways to celebrate this sweet day!


A little history about Girl Scouts and S’mores

Although it is unknown when the first s’more was made, the first recipe was published in the 1927 Girl Scout book, “Tramping and Trailing with the Girl Scouts”. Back then, the recipe for “Some Mores” called for graham crackers, plain chocolate bars, marshmallows, and sticks for roasting. This recipe has been popular for generations, keeping us all wanting some more!

S’mores Inspired Treats

Over the years, people have created some pretty exciting twists on this classic treat. Take a look at some of our favorite ways to incorporate s’mores ingredients into desserts. Share your favorite s’mores-inspired recipes in the comment section. 
S’mores Cookie Bars
S’mores Dip


See s’more recipes on our S’mores Pinterest Board

S’mores Smoothie

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