Enjoy the Great Outdoors This Weekend!

We can’t believe that this weekend marks the unofficial end of summer! Make the most of the last days of fun in the sun by doing one (or all!) of our top 5 favorite summer activities.  

1. Go swimming.

Swimming is one of the best ways to beat the heat while spending time with friends. Head out to the pool, lake or ocean this weekend before the water gets too chilly.

2. Spend Time Stargazing. 

Spend some time exploring the night sky from the comfort of your backyard. Pick out some constellations you know and see if you can spot the International Space Station

3. Make s’mores by a campfire.

Girl Scouts love s’mores! Practice your fire-building skills, fire up your culinary imagination, and enjoy a yummy treat.

4. Go for a hike.

Why not hike a new trail before the the weather gets brisk? This is a great time to explore a new area and learn about the different plants and trees along the way.
5. Have a picnic.
Meet up with friends for a pot-luck picnic. Ask everyone to bring a dish and grab a blanket. Enjoy a meal in the summer sun before it starts setting earlier.

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