Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Nieve San Pablo

For Hispanic Heritage Month, we will be featuring different Latina members of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. Our third story is about Nieve San Pablo, GSEM Community Based Program Facilitator.

Nieve San Pablo’s daughters have been active Girl Scouts for several years, and it was through their experiences that Nieve learned about Girl Scouting. She loves to hear about the programs her girls participate in through Girl Scouting; from field trips to games to crafts. Her daughters always have a great time with their troops. 
Almost a year ago, Nieve herself got involved with GSEM as a Community Based Program Facilitator in the New Bedford area. She works with FaB Factor Daisy, Brownie, Junior, Cadette and Senior Girl Scouts, and enjoys spending time with the girls, and helping them to become more confident. Nieve’s favorite project occurred over the summer: some of her FaB Factor girls were selected to give a presentation to Congressman Bill Keating about which woman they believe should be featured on the new ten dollar bill.


Nieve enjoys serving as a role model for the girls in her troops, and using the activities and lessons learned through Girl Scouts to encourage girls to reach for their dreams. Nieve says, “It is important for our Hispanic community to have leaders that could represent all of us in the community, and I believe the participation of our girls in Girl Scouts could be the first step to achieve this goal.” Thank you Nieve for inspiring our girls to make the world a better place! 

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