Hispanic Heritage Month Spotlight: Marcela Aldaz-Matos

For Hispanic Heritage Month, we are featuring several Latina members of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. Our fourth story is about Marcela Aldaz-Matos, member of GSEM’s Board of Directors.


Marcela Aldaz-Matos grew up in Colombia and has always been involved with Girl Scouts. When she was young, Colombia did not allow girls into their international scouting association. Her mother successfully petitioned and worked to change this rule and Marcela became the first Girl Scout member in her country! She fondly remembers her investiture ceremony and how many people witnessed the historic moment. Marcela remained a Girl Scout for her entire childhood and speaks highly of her time in Girl Scouting; the experiences she had provided her with skills like leadership and goal setting that she still uses today.

When Marcela moved to the United States, her first job was working at the Patriot’s Trail Girl Scout Council, which later became part of Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. She is proud to continue her work with Girl Scouts and was passionate about recruiting and collaborating with Latina girls and volunteers.

Marcela enjoys serving on the GSEM Board of Directors because she is able to give back to the organization in a meaningful and sustainable way. She enjoys seeing all the amazing projects girls and troops complete. Marcela loves the outdoors and is looking forward to visiting more camps and outdoor programs this year. We are so happy to have Marcela’s guidance and leadership on our board – thank you!

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