How We Celebrated World Thinking Day 2016

Last week we celebrated World Thinking Day, a Girl Scout holiday that aims to unite girls in scouting on a global level. We heard so many great stories about the ways troops celebrated the holiday; here are a bunch we love.

Brownie Troop 68174 with the "puzzle frame"

Brownie Troop 68174 with the “puzzle frame”

Brownie Troop 68174 and Daisy Troop 86222 from Lowell explored this year’s theme, “Connect,” by learning about connections with themselves, friends, WAGGGS (World Association of Girl Guides and Girl Scouts) and the world.

First, they connected with themselves by uncovering their inner Happiness Super Hero! They used recyclable materials to create a comic of their Super Hero alter ego in action.

Then, they connected with sisters around the world by making postcards to send to other councils. They also brought in food, clothing and other items from different cultures to gain a broader understanding of global sisterhood.

Daisy Troop 86222 with the "puzzle frame"

Daisy Troop 86222 with the “puzzle frame”

Lastly, they posed with the thematic “puzzle frame” to interact digitally with girls everywhere, using the hashtags #WTD2016 and #Connect10Million.

While the girls shared with us that their favorite part was the food (that’s usually our favorite part too…), their Recruitment Specialist said the girls were “so amazed to find out that there are Girl Scouts and Girl Guides in other countries! They want to learn everything other girls do with their troops and leaders!” How beautiful is that?!



Daisy Troop 69023 making the scrapbook

Daisy Troop 69023 making the scrapbook

Daisy Troop 69023 from Burlington celebrated by compiling a photo album to send to a Brownie troop in England.  Each Girl Scout wrote down one or two of their favorite things about Girl Scouting. Then, they each decorated a scrapbook page with photos and stickers. Each page was added to an album and sent overseas, along with World Thinking Day patches.

What an awesome, creative way to connect to our sister Girl Scouts abroad! We wish we could witness the excitement of receiving this package after its voyage overseas!

Troop 68137's "Flat Savannahs"!

Troop 68137’s “Flat Savannahs”

Over in Medford, Brownie Troop 68137 connected with the 129th Troop of Brownie Girl Guides from Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada! Our Brownie troop made “Flat Savannahs” — illustrated cartoon cut-outs named for Savannah, Georgia, the birthplace of our founder Juliette Gordon Low — that they will mail to their Canadian sisters. In return, the Brownie Girl Guides will send them “Flat Olaves” — named for Lady Olave Baden-Powell, the wife of the founder of the Girl Guides, Lord Baden-Powell.

Troop 68137 Making "Flat Savannahs"

Troop 68137 Making “Flat Savannahs”

The troop also sent them a care package of Girl Scout Cookies, photos, and patches.

This exchange of scouting artifacts isn’t just for World Thinking Day, it’s an investment in an enduring friendship with our sisters in Canada: “The Vancouver Brownies are going to bring the ‘Flat Savannahs’ with them on their adventures for the next month and then send some notes and photos back to our girls in Medford,” Troop 68137’s Co-Troop Leader Rebecca Scott shared with us.


FaB Troop 54157 presenting about India

FaB Troop 54157 presenting about India

For their World Thinking Day celebration, the New Bedford, Fairhaven, and Acushnet Service Units partnered together with the FaB Factor program to unite nine troops in total at Abraham Lincoln Elementary School. Each troop made compelling presentations about a country that they had studied; describing the traditions, lives of girls, foods, and activities that make each country unique. Great way to honor the holiday, girls!

New Bedford Troop 88116 who presented about Portugal

New Bedford Troop 88116 who presented about Portugal


New Bedford Brownie Troop 68111 presenting about Belgium

New Bedford Brownie Troop 68111 presenting about Belgium


New Bedford Girl Scout from Troop 68123 who presented about Australia

New Bedford Girl Scout from Troop 68123 who presented about Australia

WTD2016 patchAll across our council, troops took part in celebrating this special Girl Scout holiday, each in their own unique way. It makes us so proud to see our Girl Scouts mindfully valuing the bond of sisterhood we share with girls everywhere. Their enthusiastic curiosity towards others is how they will make the world a better place.

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