Going for Gold: CodHer Camp

Alisha CodeHer Camp

CodHer Camp participants learning code

The gender gap in technical fields is becoming an increasingly well-known problem, and it can be hard for women to find STEM field learning resources. With that in mind, Alisha, a Girl Scout from Weston, created CodHer Camp, a free two-day event where women of any age could learn how to code and publish their own websites. All 11 participants, ranging in ages from 13 to 70, improved in their ability to write code, with familiarity of this skill increasing from 40% to 100%. Alisha was able to refine her leadership skills through planning the logistics in a timely manner, promoting her event through community networking and adapting to the different learning paces ofgold award centennial logo the women in her class. A guided tutorial of the coding lessons is now available for anyone to access.

Way to go, Alisha! We love the progress you have made in decreasing the STEM gender gap!

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