Going for Gold: Rabbit Therapy

Caitlin Hopscotch

A team of Hopscotch-certified youth handlers

gold award centennial logoCaitlin, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Tyngsborough, created and initiated a rabbit therapy program called Hopscotch, which aims to reduce depression and anxiety in residents of assisted living communities. Through Hopscotch, the 4-H Rabbit and Cavy Carrot Crusaders Club members in Middlesex County were trained and certified to become youth handlers for the therapy rabbits. The Hopscotch teams Caitlin Hopscotch 2brought their rabbits to visit the memory-impaired elderly at an assisted living center in Westford. These sessions helped relax the participants, enhanced their social skills, and brought joy to everyone involved. Caitlin’s project includes a visual presentation advocating for rabbit therapy. The Hopscotch organization is being sustained by the youth leader committee in the 4-H Rabbit and Cavy Carrot Crusaders Club.

We are so proud of Caitlin and her initiative to support those in the local assisted living communities!

Want your own play time with some farm animals? Come to Lil’ Folk Farm on May 1 and spend time with goats, sheep, rabbits, chickens, a llama and more!  Have fun in the petting area, or go on a pony ride. Register before April 10!

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