Going for Gold: History Trail


Mackenzie with members of the Foxborough Historical Commission

gold award centennial logoInspired by the Freedom Trail in Boston, Mackenzie created the Foxborough History Trail, which consists of 23 historical places in the town. She created a map and website with information on each site along the trail. Mackenzie worked with the Foxborough Historical Commission to learn about these special places and provide as much information as possible for the whole trail.

This project helped Mackenzie learn communication skills, how to delegate tasks and the importance of organization.

Her trail will be updated and sustained by the Foxborough Historical Commission, and used by the citizens of Foxborough and beyond. Her map and website are integrated into the History curriculum at her school, where students will now be able to learn about the abundant history of their town.

What a great idea, Mackenzie! We love the way you are making the history of your town accessible to everyone.

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