Stories from 2016 Cookie Season, Part 1

Thanks for sharing your 2015-16 cookie season stories with us. We loved reading about your adventures, successes and ingenuity!



Isabelle and her Valentines


Quincy Cadette Isabelle put her marketing skills to work during Valentine’s Day weekend. She created heart-shaped note cards to place on cookie packages. Any time she spotted a potential customer leaving Roche Bros. holding flowers, Isabelle would comment that Girl Scout Cookies would make a great addition to their gift. Way to be creative, Isabelle!



Provincetown Troop

Provincetown Troop 62060


Provincetown Troop 62060 enjoyed great success in their first cookie season ever, selling over 109 cases! Congratulations, girls! We can’t wait to see how well you do next year.



Carver troop 85305 (2)

Girl Scouts from Carver Troop 85305

Carver Junior Troop 85305 surpassed their cookie goal this year through teamwork and determination, selling a total of 3,562 packages!

The girls have a whole list of plans for their cookie proceeds, from attending the Amazing Race program on Martha’s Vineyard to going on a Duck Boat tour. They will also donate cookies to a memorial golf tournament and the Carver Council on Aging. Have fun on your adventures, girls!



Lexington troop 65411

Ellie with her sister Girl Scouts

Lexington Junior Ellie shared some great tips for selling Girl Scout Cookies, including this important one:

Always having a friendly smile on your face helps get customers and shows that you care about what you’re doing.


Watch for Part 2 coming soon!

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