Going for Gold: Tutoring Program

Olivia tutoringgold award centennial logoNoticing a lack of tutoring services at her school, Olivia, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Medfield, created a six-week tutoring program that connected high school students with elementary school students.

Her goal was to improve core academic skills, as well as create a bridge between older and younger students. In total, there were 15 tutors and 26 participants across 3 elementary schools participating in the program.

Olivia also built a website with an online sign-up to connect the students for one-on-one tutoring. Olivia learned responsibility, communication and organization through the creation of this program.

Way to go, Olivia! We love the way you are connecting the students in your town!

One comment

  1. That’s really great of Olivia, tutoring is the best way to enhance the skills of a child. It really helps students to score higher grades.


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