Going for Gold: Pleasant Street Transformation

Katherine shelterKatherine, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Millis, noticed there wasn’t a place in her community where people could learn about nature, go for a hike or camp for a weekend. She decided to renovate an abandoned lot in her town to create this space.

Millis_Golden, KatherineShe started by disposing of trash and debris that had accumulated over the years, and clearing poison ivy and bittersweet that had overgrown the area.

Then, she refurbished an old chicken coop into an Adirondack shelter, enhanced the paths to the shelter and hiking trails, and built a fire pit. Katherine created a booklet that includes wildlife, plant, and bird information, a trail map, fire safety information, and some simple recipes to enjoy while camping. These booklets were provided to local scout troops, schools and outdoor education programs, and there is a copy of the booklet at the site.gold award centennial logo

The Pleasant Street site will be maintained by the local garden club. Katherine learned to delegate tasks to volunteers and persevere through challenges.

We are so impressed with the work Katherine put into this renovation. The new site looks amazing!

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