Meet Goosey and Kitty!

 Favorite Sailing Molly “Goosey” Clark, camp director for Favorite Resident Camp, is returning for her third summer as director, and her 15th summer at Camp Favorite. She has been a Girl Scout for 19 years. She has worked at Camp Favorite as a camp counselor, sailing instructor, sailing manager and waterfront director.

Outside of camp, Molly is an English as a second language teacher in Boston. She says her experience as a teacher has influenced how she builds camp programing, particularly the sailing and counselor-in-training programs that are slightly more curriculum-based. She is continually thinking about how she and camp staff can unleash their creativity while planning and improving their approaches to teaching and counseling.

Goosey and Kitty

Kitty and Goosey at the American Camp Association National Conference

Goosey loves so many aspects of camp, but her favorite activity is sailing. She loves the feeling of flying over the water in a boat, and that she is still challenged by it every time.

Caitlyn “Kitty” LeBlanc, the day camp director for Camp Favorite, first worked at Camp Favorite in 2006 as a unit counselor, and from 2007-2014, was a unit counselor and program manager at Camp Virginia. Last summer, Kitty worked as assistant director at Camp Cedar Hill.

During the school year, Kitty is a high school teacher’s assistant and a full-time graduate student earning a master’s degree in secondary education. She is on the GSEM Gold Award Committee as well, supporting the Gold Award process and Girl Scout candidates with their projects.

Kitty’s favorite parts of camp are outdoor cooking, singing, swimming and canoeing. She also loves planning activities and seeing how the camp experience improves girls’ confidence.

Join Goosey, Kitty and the other wonderful staff at Camp Favorite this year! Summer camp starts later this month! Camp registration is still open, and you can check out all of the exciting programs in our 2016 Camp Guide.

Favorite Canoe

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