Going for Gold: Notes that Carry Over

Julie, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Medfield, wanted to bridge the gap between different age groups, both within the town school system and the community at large. She recruited 18 high school band students, who volunteered time to play instruments with fifth and sixth grade students. The high school musicians gave private lessons for the younger players before each ensemble rehearsal. Through this program, the students were able to connect and the younger students gained a musical mentor.

Julie knew that her grandmother, who lives in another country, has many friends her own age, but doesn’t have many from younger generations. Julie thought, “Although I might be far from my grandmother … I can make a difference here for someone else’s grandmother or grandfather.” With Julie as the conductor, the students put on a concert for local senior citizens, and the seniors sang along to some of the songs they played.

After the concert she hosted a reception where the musicians and seniors were able to talk and have meaningful interactions. Julie took time to train an underclassman throughout the planning and implementation of the program, so it can continue in the future.

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