Camp Life is the Best Life! as told by a Cedar Hill camper

This morning, I was jumping up and down on the sidewalk, so excited to get on the camp bus and see my friends! We sang songs all the way to camp.

In the morning, we practiced archery. At first I only hit the outside ring, but I got right next to the bullseye on my last try. I am improving!

We worked up a sweat, and were so ready to swim. My friends and I love collecting dive rings at the bottom of the pool.

While we were swimming, I heard girls chanting, “Paddle! Paddle! Paddle!” I turned around, and Paddle, the camp director, yelled “CANNONBALL!” and jumped into the pool, still wearing all of her clothes! She is so funny!

After swimming it was time for lunch. On our way there, I saw one of my new friends making bright green slime. She is so nice and has been helping some of us improve our swimming skills at the pool.

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We were so excited to get back to low ropes that afternoon! When doing low ropes, you need to know how to spot. We learned how to bend so that if someone is wobbling, we can help them back up, and so we don’t fall with them!

My favorite part of the low ropes course is where we had to swing on a rope over lava. It’s not really lava, it’s woodchips. Sometimes we call it the peanut butter pit! We had to swing onto three small platforms… but there were 22 of us! I thought it would be a good idea to get in lines of four people each once we were on the platforms, but that didn’t work. We tried a few ideas, and in the end we figured out how to fit all of us without falling off!

We made s’mores at the campfire cookout. Earlier in the week, some older girls made risotto over the fire, and a cookie pizza using a Dutch oven! Then, they constructed a solar oven and cooked cinnamon buns with sunlight!

Later we went to the pond to go boating. I got to be the leader, and helped my friends when they were rowing incorrectly. I never wanted to get out of the boat! Speaking of boats, we made little scale models of boats out of pool noodles in the art studio. This weekend I’m going to test my boat in water!

At the end of camp, everyone came together for the closing flag ceremony. I was already so excited to come back the next day to have more fun and to try archery again. When I got home from camp, I plopped down on my bed, and just fell asleep! What a great day at camp!

Our thanks to Cedar Hill campers for contributing to this post.

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