Financial Literacy Day at Camp Cedar Hill

In August, GSEMA welcomed Citizens Bank staff for the inaugural Financial Literacy Day at Camp Cedar Hill. The day included many programs and activities for campers of all ages that taught the building blocks of financial literacy and the importance of setting goals.

Girl Scouts of all levels and Citizens Bank representatives gathered together in Great Hall for a participatory seminar on making smart and reasonable financial goals and decisions. They discussed the difference between long- and short-term goals, and collaborated to create various examples of each. They thought of age-specific situations like saving $10 for a toy, moving up a level in their swimming class, running a 5K road race without stopping, donating money to a charity, and gradually saving money to purchase a dream car.

Later in the day, the girls embraced their creativity while painting piggy banks and making coin purses. The campers also enjoyed time swimming in the pool and making s’mores.

A special thank you to our friends at Citizens Bank for an informational and fun day, and for empowering our girls to make smart financial decisions!

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