Innovation, Experiments, Coding, and More at MathMovesU®


Excited chatter and shouts of joy could be heard through the halls of Massachusetts Maritime Academy on November 5. More than 250 girls were conducting experiments, cracking code, creating prototypes, and testing their creations all day long at the 8th annual MathMovesU hosted by Raytheon.

At one workshop, girls learned how hot air balloons lift off, stay afloat, and come back down to land. Working together with engineers from Raytheon and cadettes from Massachusetts Maritime Academy, the girls created their own hot air balloons with tissue paper, tape, and paper clips. They filled them with hot air, and launched them into the air!

Girls also learned the science behind bubbles and created their own bubble wands out of various materials including paper towel rolls and pipe cleaners. Then they went outside to demonstrate their wands in action.

In another workshop, girls discovered the principles of water density and used clay to build their own boats. They tested how much weight their boats could support, and learned the relation to water density. Girls also demonstrated their knack for innovation as they created gear inspired by the self-preservation characteristics of animals and plants.

The event was hosted at Massachusetts Maritime Academy for the first time, which presented an amazing opportunity for the girls. They were able to experience a 360-degree ship simulator, and learn about the navigation and operations of the academy’s ships!

Meghan Mello, a Gold Award Girl Scout, recent high school graduate, and STEM enthusiast who attended as a volunteer, sees events like this as a wonderful opportunity for girls to learn STEM topics in a fun environment. She know first-hand that this exposure opens doors for girls planning for the future, including attending college and starting a career.

We express our gratitude to the volunteers from Raytheon and Massachusetts Maritime Academy (many who are Girl Scout alumnae!) for taking the time to work with our girls. A special thank you to speakers Karen E. Conti, Elizabeth Stevenson, and Samantha Parker.

Check out our photo album with more photos from the event!

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