Dorchester Girl Scouts “Driving Force” Behind Plan to Ban Plastic Bags in Boston

Perhaps you heard it in the news last month? The Boston City Council unanimously approved a plan to ban single-use plastic shopping bags throughout the city. It turns out, Girl Scouts were helping to lead the way.

City Councilor Matt O’Malley called the members of local Girl Scout Troop 68277 the “driving force” behind the ban, as they had been gathering signatures for the ban for the past year.

After learning about the environmental impact of plastic bags during a troop meeting, Girl Scouts from troop 68277 in Dorchester were inspired to take action. In addition to collecting signatures, they have also been working with Boomerang Bags Boston, a volunteer-driven group repurposing donated fabric into reusable bags as alternatives to plastic bags.

The girls participated in sew-a-thons in October and November, one that Councilor Matt O’Malley attended. The girls learned new sewing skills and repurposed fabrics—including pillowcases, sheets, duvets, curtains, and more—to create hundreds of reusable bags.

They then went out into the community to sell the bags and raise awareness for the negative impact of plastic bags on the environment with signs that read “please reuse your bags!” and  “save the turtles!” We are so proud of troop 68277 for their can-do mentality and for making the world a better place.

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