70 Years of Girl Scout Memories

R-L: Lois, Pat, Bernadette, Sandra, and Karin at their 70th Reunion

We say Girl Scouting inspires forever friendships, and we were overjoyed to hear about Girl Scout troop 57 of Malden who reunited to celebrate their 70th anniversary this past fall. Longtime friends from across Massachusetts, New Hampshire, and Maine gathered to renew the special bond they formed as troop members. Bernadette Wilson reflects on the history and forever friendships of troop 57, in a note shared with a member of our council staff:

Girl Scout troop 57 started in the Ayers School in Malden, MA. Our leader was Mrs. Fenton and our assistant leader was Mrs. Graham. After graduation from Malden High School we still stayed together as a troop. After we went on to college and entered the workforce, we always kept in touch with Mrs. Fenton, or as we fondly called her, “Fennty.” We sent her pictures of our weddings, and as we became parents, pictures of our children.

We continued to meet every year as a troop, going out to dinner with Fennty, and gathering afterwards at the house of one of the local girls for a talk-fest, which sometimes lasted into the wee hours of the morning. We eventually lost our beloved Fennty and Mrs. Graham, but decided to continue to meet every September as a troop. Our members had settled across the country in California, Florida, Maine, and New Hampshire. Over the years our numbers have gone from 12 to 8.

This year we met at the Stonehurst Manor in New Hampshire, and although we no longer stay up till the wee hours of the morning, we still enjoy our time together. We are grandmothers and some of us, even great-grandmothers.

When I look back over the years of camping trips, jamborees, songs around the campfire, and of course eating s’mores, I am happy we continued as friends and members of troop 57.

We thank Bernadette and her sister Girl Scouts for sharing such a beautiful story. Our current girl members are participating in the same types of outdoor adventures that Bernadette’s troop did all those years ago. Girl Scouting has and always will be filled with experiences that create memories to last a lifetime.

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