Going for Gold: Pollinator Garden in Davis Hayfield

Inspired by her knowledge of the importance of pollinators to the environment, Olivia planted a pollinator garden in Davis Hayfield in Boxford. Olivia, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Topsfield, secured donations of 36 pollinator-friendly plants from her community of supporters.

The garden includes a sign with QR codes that lead to a plant guide for further education and an instructional pamphlet she created. The informational pamphlet describes the importance of pollinators, and provides instructions for creating a pollinator garden.

Olivia spread the word about pollinators and their significance in a presentation to the Steward Station after-school program at Topsfield Elementary School.

“My Girl Scout Gold Award project taught me how to be a better communicator and how to gather volunteers to aid in reaching a goal,” Olivia says.

We are so impressed with the new garden, and how Olivia is educating community members about this important part of the environment. Way to go, G.I.R.L.!

One comment

  1. great idea to use raised beds. hard to dig up established grasses


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