Going for Gold: Art in a Bag

Amanda, a Girl Scout Senior from Sherborn, wanted to offer children from families utilizing food pantries or shelters an abundance of opportunities to create art, which is one of her own passions. Many shelters and food pantries offer clothing, toiletries, and food, but most do not offer art supplies.

Inspired to make a change, Amanda ran a donation drive to collect funds and donations of art supplies including crayons, markers, paint, glue sticks, stamps, drawing pads, modeling clay, yarn, looms, stickers, and more. She placed donation bins around the local school and promoted the drive throughout the community. Amanda and her team of volunteers assembled the donated art supplies into individual bags to have available at the local pantry and shelter. She was able to donate over 250 art bags!

Next, Amanda created a curriculum of art classes for children. These classes were held at a local food pantry and shelter to reach more children and minimize the transportation requirements for many families.

“Although I’m an introvert, I’m now more confident in my ability to run a team, organize a project, create a time sheet, keep track of a budget, raise awareness, spread the word, and be successful at it,” Amanda says.

Amanda’s boldness and determination to bring one of her passions to the youth in her community is  inspiring and commendable!

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