Going for Gold: Branching into STEM

Sue, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Lexington, wanted to introduce STEM topics to students of all ages, and show them that STEM is more than just math and science. She was also determined to combat the stigma that students need to be gifted in STEM subjects to pursue an education or career in a STEM field.

To achieve her goal, Sue developed a STEM curriculum for students in elementary to high school. Workshops included generating electrical currents and testing conductivity of different household materials, building a small motorized robot, constructing structures out of paper and tape and testing weight capacity, and creating an LED light up card. Over 120 students participated in this program and learned about many STEM topics and careers.

The local school’s all-girl robotics team will continue the workshops in the future using Sue’s lesson plans. Sue will be attending New York University Tandon School of Engineering to pursue a career in mechanical engineering and robotics. “Girl Scouting has taught me how to be confident in myself and to continue striving to achieve bigger and better things,” Sue says.

We are sure that Sue’s determination will take her far!

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