Amanda Scott: A Determined and Inspiring Role Model for Today’s Girl Scouts

We are so thrilled to have Amanda Scott on GSEMA’s 2019 Boston Marathon team. Amanda is a student at Boston University; she’s in the fifth year of a six-year physical therapy program. During her undergraduate years she joined the Kappa Delta sorority, which works closely with local Girl Scout troops. The girls sold cookies, went on campus tours, and put on recyclable fashion shows together.

Amanda’s running experience started simply as a way to learn the city when she first moved to Boston, but quickly became more than that. “I would always run under the Boston Strong overpass and be reminded of the adversity this city has faced. The Boston Strong message has helped motivate me through the stress of school and life,” Amanda says. “It has filled me with gratitude for the people and the city around me.”

Last year, Amanda ran the Newport Half Marathon with her sister, and is excited to take on her first full marathon.

“My only goal is to maintain the confidence that I have now. I want to cross the finish line on Boylston Street without having doubted myself throughout either the race or the months of training.”

Her goal carries over to her message to today’s Girl Scouts: “The only person who could possibly stand in the way of your dreams is yourself… unless you don’t let that happen! So set your eyes on what you want to accomplish, and go get it!”

We can’t wait to cheer on Amanda as she runs for Team Girl Scouts! Join us in supporting Amanda as she takes on the Boston Marathon and raises money for girls who would not otherwise have access to Girl Scouts, the premier leadership development organization for girls.

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