Chelmsford Girl Scout Awarded for Saving a Life

© Randy H. Goodman

GSEMA is pleased to announce that Tayla, a Girl Scout Cadette from Chelmsford, was awarded the Medal of Honor for saving the life of a one-year-old girl.

Carrie Weatherbee, GSEMA Chief Membership Services Officer, presented Tayla with the medal at GSEMA’s 27th annual Leading Women Awards on March 7, 2019.

In the summer of 2018, Tayla was at a local swimming pool when she saw a young girl fall into the pool and struggle to stay afloat. Neither the girl’s caregiver nor the lifeguard on duty noticed. Without hesitation, Tayla rushed over to rescue the girl.

A neighbor who witnessed the act says, “Tayla acted extremely fast, and she didn’t even think twice about it; she just instinctively took charge of the situation, acting even faster than the lifeguard on duty.”

The girl was unharmed due to Tayla’s quick response. Tayla’s mother adds, “She got to her before three adults who were all closer even noticed that she fell in. She was so smart and brave.”

Girl Scouts’ Medal of Honor is awarded to a Girl Scout for saving or attempting to save a life, and showing true Girl Scout spirit in an emergency.

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