Inside the Mind of a Cookie Boss!

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Girl Scout Cookie Season is in full swing! You may have spotted Cookie Bosses around town eagerly tending to their booths, working with customers, learning to handle money, and gaining confidence. Recently, we asked girls from across eastern Massachusetts what they love most about the Girl Scout Cookie Program. From gaining essential skills to just plain having fun, here’s what they shared!


Kimaya, 8, Dorchester

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“People love cookies! When you give them out, people smile and they like the taste of them.”

Kaleah, 6, Somerville

Kahleah Somerville x640.jpg

“My favorite cookie is Thin Mints!”


Elsa, 8, Lexington

Elsa Lexington x640.jpg

“My favorite part about the Girl Scout Cookie Program is going around town and selling cookies with my best friend.”

Amelia, 12, North Andover

Amelia North Andover x640.jpg

“Getting to do cookie booths with all of my fellow Girl Scouts. It’s always fun to go out on weekends and set up a booth and a nice sign with everyone and try to sell cookies.”


Arianna, 11, Lowell

Arianna Lowell x640.jpg

“The Girl Scout Cookie Program means my troop can save up for going horseback riding at Rockinghorse Ranch in New York.”

Kendall, 11, Hyde Park

Kendall Hyde Park x640.jpg

“It gives us future opportunities to go on fun trips with our troop all together.”


Grace, 12, Mansfield

Grace Mansfield x640 (1).jpg

“It taught me how to manage money from a younger age.”

Hannah, 13, Quincy

Hannah Quincy x640.jpg

“Meeting new people and learning new skills.”

Don’t forget to find Girl Scout Cookies near you (and support Girl Scout Cookie entrepreneurs) with our online Cookie Finder at or mobile app!

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