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For Gold Award Girl Scout Abigail, the name of the game is inclusivity! The recent high school graduate from Dartmouth, created a middle school track team welcoming students of all physical and mental abilities.

Inspired by her positive experiences with her high school’s Unified Track team, Abigail wanted to open this experience to younger students. She started the Unified Track team at her town’s middle school in April 2019 to promote inclusion and offer all students the benefits of the sport’s physical activity and camaraderie.

“Unified Track already exists at the high school level, but there are no opportunities for special education students in grades six through eight,” says Abigail. “The team created an all-inclusive environment that is important to all students, regardless of physical or neurological disabilities.”

The team practiced once a week after school for five weeks, leading to a mock meet with the high school Unified Track team and a trip to the Special Olympics School Day Games hosted at the high school every year.

Two high school students, who assisted Abigail with the Unified Track team, will run the team again in the spring. Abigail started at University of Pittsburgh this fall and plans to pursue medical research as a career.

Abigail’s mother, Linda, also earned Girl Scout’s highest award (then called “First Class”).

Abigail says, “Girl Scouting means having a lifelong sisterhood that will always stand behind you and support you, but also be there to help you up if you fall.”

Learn more about the Girl Scout Gold Award at gsema.org/goldaward.

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  1. Proud great aunt yea abbey ❤️


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