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Going for Gold: Enhancing Greenhouse Sustainability

Wanting to get high school students involved in growing food locally in order to understand the many benefits, Lucy, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Lincoln, organized a team of volunteers to enhance the high school greenhouse and garden plot. Together, they added an irrigation system, which included a rain collection bucket, a solar-powered lamp, pipes […]

Going for Gold: Pleasant Street Transformation

Katherine, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Millis, noticed there wasn’t a place in her community where people could learn about nature, go for a hike or camp for a weekend. She decided to renovate an abandoned lot in her town to create this space. She started by disposing of trash and debris that had accumulated over […]

Going for Gold: Warm Hands

Jules, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Concord, started an initiative to bring relief to Syrian refugees displaced from their homes as a result of the Syrian Civil War. Thousands of refugees have fled their homes to avoid the violence, and many have evacuated to refugee camps in Turkey. These refugees face a lack of basic […]

Going for Gold: Tutoring Program

Noticing a lack of tutoring services at her school, Olivia, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Medfield, created a six-week tutoring program that connected high school students with elementary school students. Her goal was to improve core academic skills, as well as create a bridge between older and younger students. In total, there were 15 tutors and […]

Going for Gold: Nutrition and Fitness Workshops

Amanda, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Hanover, organized an eight-week workshop program on nutrition and fitness. Over 40 girls, ages 5 to 13, participated in the workshops. Workshop topics included healthy snacking, hydration, media, body image, reading food labels, portion control, self-confidence, sugar and fast food. Amanda also presented fun ways to be active. She arranged […]

Going for Gold: Baker’s Pond Bridge

Emily, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Medfield, built a bridge as a safer alternative for pedestrians crossing the runoff from Baker’s Pond, a popular area in her town. While creating the bridge, Emily wanted to address the lack of encouragement for young women in STEM fields. She held classes at her town library for students, […]

Going for Gold: Community Garden

Jaylan, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Tyngsborough, built a community garden containing four beds for vegetables, herbs and other plants at a local senior center. In addition, Jaylan created a cookbook with recipes that can be made with the vegetables and herbs grown in the garden. The garden helps bring local, healthy and sustainable food […]

Going for Gold: History Trail

Inspired by the Freedom Trail in Boston, Mackenzie created the Foxborough History Trail, which consists of 23 historical places in the town. She created a map and website with information on each site along the trail. Mackenzie worked with the Foxborough Historical Commission to learn about these special places and provide as much information as […]

Going for Gold: Rabbit Therapy

Caitlin, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Tyngsborough, created and initiated a rabbit therapy program called Hopscotch, which aims to reduce depression and anxiety in residents of assisted living communities. Through Hopscotch, the 4-H Rabbit and Cavy Carrot Crusaders Club members in Middlesex County were trained and certified to become youth handlers for the therapy rabbits. The […]

Going for Gold: A Lesson in Local History

Emma noticed that the new education system in her town left little room for teachers to discuss local history. To teach young students about the history of her town, she put together an interactive presentation about Hopkinton’s rich history and the lives of students hundreds of years ago. She presented this information to seven third-grade […]