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Going for Gold: Notes that Carry Over

Julie, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Medfield, wanted to bridge the gap between different age groups, both within the town school system and the community at large. She recruited 18 high school band students, who volunteered time to play instruments with fifth and sixth grade students. The high school musicians gave private lessons for the […]

Going for Gold: Tutoring Program

Noticing a lack of tutoring services at her school, Olivia, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Medfield, created a six-week tutoring program that connected high school students with elementary school students. Her goal was to improve core academic skills, as well as create a bridge between older and younger students. In total, there were 15 tutors and […]

Going for Gold: Baker’s Pond Bridge

Emily, a Girl Scout Ambassador from Medfield, built a bridge as a safer alternative for pedestrians crossing the runoff from Baker’s Pond, a popular area in her town. While creating the bridge, Emily wanted to address the lack of encouragement for young women in STEM fields. She held classes at her town library for students, […]

Going for Gold: After-School Poetry Program

This year is a thrilling and historical year for Girl Scouting, the 100-year anniversary of the highest achievement a Girl Scout can earn, now called the Gold Award. On June 13, 2016, we will be celebrating girls who earn the Gold Award in its centennial year at the Massachusetts State House. As we gear up […]