Welcome back to Girl Scouts from the GSEM Girl Leadership Committee



Girl Leadership Committee members with State Street’s Hannah Grove

Whether you’re a new or returning member, a Juliette or part of a troop, Girl Scouts of all ages have a lot to look forward to this year. Every Girl Scout has a unique experience, from Daisies to Ambassadors to our beloved adult volunteers and alumnae. Regardless of your age, or how long you’ve been in Girl Scouts, it has never been a more exciting time for our council!

Our Committee members can’t wait to induct new members this fall and sponsor our brand new program, All About the Animals, an animal advocacy event in April at Camp Cedar Hill (and have you seen the renovated Great Hall yet? It looks amazing!). Keep an eye out for this and other incredible programs in your Ultimate Guide! For the first time ever, GSEM will be hosting the Lead Your Way: Leadership Conference for Cadettes through Ambassadors. This program was specially requested by our committee and will feature workshops to help girls build on their leadership skills. Graduating Ambassadors will also have the unique opportunity to celebrate and commemorate their time in Girl Scouting on Martha’s Vineyard at the Graduating Ambassador Island Getaway Celebration.
As always, girls of all ages can anticipate our annual Girl Scout Cookie Program! Not only are cookies a tasty way to earn money for your troop, but they are also a phenomenal way for girls to learn valuable business and customer service skills. Thanks to a $1 increase in prices, troops will now receive greater profits from cookie sales—meaning more money to help make your Girl Scouting dreams happen. Additionally, super-sellers can shoot for the prestigious 500 Club by selling 500 packages or more. Last year, top cookie sellers appeared at the annual Cookie Rally and were even able to attend a special Celtics basketball game! Who knows what surprises might be in store for you next year?
For those of you who voted, the results are in! Girl Scouts recently unveiled its new series of Outdoor badges. Brownies can now explore the wilderness to earn their Outdoor Adventurer badge (featuring an adorable squirrel). Juniors who saddle up will earn their Horseback Riding badge. Cadettes can channel Katniss by earning their Archery badge. Seniors can set out on the lake to earn their Paddling badge. And, last but not least, Ambassadors who are up for the task can tackle their Ultimate Recreation Challenge badge. These badges were chosen specifically by girls, for girls—so be sure to take advantage of them!
The GSEM Girl Leadership Committee is positively ecstatic to kick off another amazing year in Girl Scouting! We hope you will join us in this yearlong journey. And keep an eye out for future blog posts by committee members.
Girl Leadership Committee
The Girl Leadership Committee is a unique girl-led committee that is open to girls in grades 5-12.

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