We Know What a Cookie Can Do

Guest Blogger Gail Spring
Submitted September 10, 2015
Girl Scouts know what a cookie sale can mean to their troop. Girls have taken selling cookies to a whole new level. Ask a Girl Scout what they are planning to do with funds and you will get some astonishing answers.
A box of Thin Mints can be the way for a troop to fund their community service project such as the Bronze, Silver and Gold Award. Cookie sales may provide funds for a field trip where a girl tries something new. Peanut Butter Patties could now be traveling to military troops overseas. Caramel deLites could purchase seeds for a community garden. Shortbread sales could help a troop visit colleges. 
Troops make decisions on what they want to do, and how many cookies they need to sell, to achieve their goals. The experience teaches them real skills they will have for life.
Cookie sales help a Girl Scout to dream big. The girls learn how to calculate the cost of their ideas and make them happen. Where one might see a delicious treat, a Girl Scout sees possibilities for the future and their community.
Gail Spring is from Quincy and is a troop and service unit volunteer, as well as a member of the Gold Award Committee for Girl Scouts of Eastern Massachusetts. Gail also serves as a Girl Scout National Delegate. Quincy Girl Scouts are among the council’s top sellers. They sold 3,554 cases — or 42,648 packages — of cookies last year.

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