Lead Your Way Conference

Have you heard about Lead Your Way, a leadership conference we’re hosting at Simmons College on January 31? We are super excited about this day packed with a lot of fun and opportunity to learn. Our keynote speaker is Jasmina Aganovic, a graduate of Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and a cosmetics and consumer goods entrepreneur.
We are also excited to see Casey McQuillen, a singer/songwriter from eastern Massachusetts, perform music from her “You Matter” tour—we’re also excited to hear about her experience on American Idol!
A lunchtime panel discussion will feature successful female role models talking about how they break gender stereotypes every day in their work. This theme of female empowerment is also carried over in the many workshops offered throughout the day on topics including financial literacy, goal setting and preparing for college. We didn’t want to leave the adults out of this great learning opportunity and will be offering development workshops for them, as well!
Read about our workshops below, and pick your favorites!
Lead My Way
  • Developing Leadership in the Outdoors – Discover how outdoor experiences can positively impact everyday life.
  • Standing Up to Media Messages – Explore how media influences our idea of the “perfect girl” and learn how to stand up to these false messages.
  • Finding Your Own True Voice – Explore your unique voice and how to express it in the choices you make.
  • Inner Goddess in Us: Adversity, Resiliency & Life Transitions – “Meet” goddesses and resilient women from mythology, who achieved greatness by embracing change.
  • Teen Peace Yoga – Learn relaxation, meditation, breath work, structural alignment techniques and basic anatomy.
  • The 6 Secrets to Successful Leadership – Discover your leadership role model through short clips from The Wizard of Oz.
Navigating Your Future
  • A Day in the Life of a College Student – Get advice about classes and choosing a major, among other topics, from three college students/Girl Scout alumnae.
  • The Importance of Social Connections: Online Media & Real Life – Understand your social footprint and how the world perceives you.
  • Acing an Interview – Get tips about the interview process through fun activities with Northeastern University Campus Girl Scouts.
  • Communicating Your Value: Professional Resumes, Interviewing & Networking – Learn to market your talents, grab the attention of résumé screeners and get interviews.
  • Public Speaking 101 – Learn how to conquer your fear of talking in front of large groups and get tips to excel.
  • Career Success: What Does It Mean to You? – Define what career success means for yourself and identify what “super powers” you already possess.
Making Cents of Money
  • Saving and Investing – Learn money basics that will help you long-term.
  • Fundamentals of Banking – Learn how to set and reach financial goals.
Adult Workshops
  • Help Your Daughter Navigate the Pressures of the Media – Identify how media and pop culture influence girls’ feelings of self-worth and how to combat those messages.
  • Transition: Creating a New Story – Participate in an exercise to help you think through and share your personal narrative.
  • Inner Goddess in Us: Adversity, Resiliency & Life Transitions – “Meet” goddesses and resilient women from mythology, who achieved greatness by embracing change.
So what are you waiting for? Join your Cadette, Senior and Ambassador sisters at this enriching conference. Register now, before the January 24 deadline!

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