Earn money for troop activities through the Fall Product Program!

explore-koala Get in on the action! Starting September 23, girls can sell nuts, candy and magazines to earn money for their Girl Scout activities early in the troop year, all while learning and practicing key life skills.

The program is short, fun and engaging! The nuts and candy are delicious and designed specifically for Girl Scouts, and the magazine program is a great opportunity to renew existing subscriptions or suggest that friends and family try out a new magazine they’ve been considering. It’s all about supporting Girl Scouts.

chocolate-covered-almondsTroops earn 15% of every dollar of product sold. Earnings can go towards participating in fun Ultimate Guide programs and so much more.

Check out the Fall Sale page of our website to learn more!

Fall Sale materials can be picked up during office business hours or at the Fall Product Sale Open House on Thursday, September 15. GSEM will be mailing out troop print materials to one registered troop leader per troop beginning September 16. Troops that pick up materials prior to shipping will not be sent materials.









L-R: Peanut Butter Bears, Cranberry Nut Mix, English Butter Toffee


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