Our 2021 GSUSA Gold Award Scholarship Finalists Shine Bright

Gold Award Girl Scouts don’t just change the world for the better—they change it for good. We are so proud of our GSUSA Gold Award Scholarship finalists, who are exemplary leaders and inspiring role models for us all.

Sriya V., Marlborough

To address inconsistent education and struggles with online learning through the pandemic, Sriya developed a curriculum for a series of consistent online classes to help students retain information and learn new concepts over the summer.

Julianna L., Hopkinton

Julianna spread awareness about how to register to vote, local elections, and the importance of voting for youth, hosting voter registration drives at her school and spreading awareness through informational posters and a video.

Annika L., Arlington

Annika wanted to create a greater sense of community in her hometown, while making its history more accessible to the community. She created a self-guided walking tour with more information on the sites and landmarks available online.

Amrita K., Shrewsbury

Amrita conducted an interactive workshop with teenagers about what occurs in the mind and body while experiencing stress, as well as how to implement healthy stress management techniques.

Hannah M., Franklin

Hannah created lesson plans for middle school students and faculty about “invisible” disabilities, including informational videos, books, and staff resources surrounding youth mental health.

Sophie B., Chelmsford

To support local veterans after serving in the military, Sophie facilitated accessible therapeutic art classes to help them learn unique techniques for stress reduction and mood improvement.

Julianne K., Wellesley

Julianne created a peer mentorship program within the school choral department in which more experienced students assist newer students with their music. The students support each other as they grow their skills and their social connections with their peers.

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